How To Properly Store Your Mattress?

If you're just transferring your mattress to a new house or do not want to throw the old one after buying a new mattress, then it is essential to know how you can properly store or move it. If you're careful, there is a possibility that it may be dampened, damaged or even both. You'll not be able to comfortably sleep on a damaged mattress as it would have lost the supportive strength it has. A damp mattress on the other hand is ideal habitat as well as breeding ground for mold and mildew which may cause serious health problems if not dealt with immediately.

As a matter of fact, there are various factors that have to be taken into consideration when you're storing a mattress at .

Preferably, the mattress has to be stored in a climate-controlled and dry environment. What is meant by this is, damp basements and even outdoor sheds are out of the question. The dry areas in your house or storage unit where humidity and temperature are greatly monitored are basically the best options to store a mattress. If you want to store your mattress in a damp place for the meantime, you must place a dehumidifier as safety measures. This device is going to get rid of the excess moisture in the air and therefore, keeping your mattress dry.

Before putting the mattress in the storage area, be sure that it's completely dry. If it's wet or damp even for a little bit, you must take it outside on a sunny day and simply let it dry. You have to lift the mattress here regularly from the ground in order to allow to have proper airflow. This is going to speed up its drying process. Remember, a damp mattress must never be put inside a storage.

When you're moving a mattress from one point to the other, it is essential to keep it in upright position. This is going to protect it from being damaged by heavy objects that might be placed on it. It'll save on space at the same time. If you're about to store the mattress for quite a long time however, then you must put it flat on dry surface. Doing so can prevent the mattress to collapse in on itself.

While you are storing the mattress inside a dry storage area, you must wrap it in plastic sheet in order to keep soil, liquids and dust away. The plastic sheets must be used if you don't have a mattress bag and after wrapping it, use a duct tape to be able to seal the plastic wrapping. See to it that all parts of mattress are properly sealed and that the plastic wrapping is watertight. Visit this website at and know more about mattress.